School Support Staff Honored at Ceremony

Congratulations to the Watertown-Mayer staff that were honored at this event,
Rachel Lotito, Cheyenne Morrow, Tammy Vraspir, Deb Wasser

An event honoring those who work as bus drivers, custodians, cooks,
para-professionals, nurses and the myriad of other jobs it takes to keep schools running
smoothly was September 27 at the River’s Edge Convention Center, St. Cloud.
In its seventh year, 121 people were honored from 34 school districts.
“Often times it is our support staff who truly know the pulse of the school and
community. You know the students and their families and are the quiet voices in our schools
who make it a better place day in and day out for our children and adults.” said Mark Schmitz,
Executive Director of Resource Training & Solutions.
The presiding superintendent for the evening was Dr. Scott Thielman from Buffalo-
Hanover-Montrose School District. “What an honor and privilege it is to be here tonight,” said
Thielman. “It is your character and being a positive role model that makes a difference to
students, staff and community.” he continued.

The keynote address by Jay Haugen, superintendent from the Farmington Area School
District, began with Haugen taking a selfie photo with the audience. “You make a difference,”
said Haugen. Haugen’s keynote address was, “Achieving our mission and serving greatly,
helping students find success is the job of everyone.”
Jan Solarz, Resource Board of Directors Vice Chair, extended congratulations to the
honorees. “I am honored and excited to be a part of this event. No matter what your role is I
appreciate the work you do every day. You have a place in your heart that gives you the
passion and commitment for the students in your schools,” said Solarz.
Awardees were nominated by their school districts. They received a plaque and a
certificate signed by the Governor of Minnesota.
Next years annual event will once again be held at the River’s Edge Convention Center,
St. Cloud on Wednesday, November 14, 2018. This event is coordinated and sponsored
Resource Training & Solutions. Resource is a regional service cooperative serving school
districts, counties, cities, and other government agencies in central Minnesota.