BYOD Information

      General Information

      • Laptop Watertown-Mayer School District is once again offering students several options for purchasing a technology device for school. The school district's Strategic Roadmap directs that we support technology for all students, in a fiscally responsible manner. The  Dual Funded Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy will allow all students access to technology in a way that is affordable to families, and financially sustainable for the school district. This approach also allows parents and students to make a personal decision on what device works best for them.

        2022 Dual-Funded Devices and Instructions

        BYOD Summary

        Students in grades 5-12 have 3 choices when deciding which device they will bring to school:

        • Use a school owned device.
          If a student chooses not bring a personal device from home, the district will allow them to use a district owned device. Devices can be requested during the online registration process. Optional insurance is offered for $50/year. Please keep in mind these devices are limited.

        • Bring a device you already own.
          If a student currently has access to a device that meets the Minimum Requirements, which can be found on the Device Information page, they do not need to purchase a new device. They will be able to bring that device from home. Please complete the device form to indicate a device will be brought from home.

        • Use the Dual-Funded Option through Best Buy.
          Students are eligible to receive a discount on the purchase of their device, if:
          • They are eligible to receive a discount.
          • Students in grade 5 are eligible for a discount in 2022.
          • Students in grades 6-12 are eligible if they have not participated in the Dual-Funded BYOD in the past 4 years.
          • The device is purchased through the Watertown-Mayer/Best Buy web store.
          • The device is one of the Recommended Devices

        Dual Funding Logistics

        Watertown-Mayer has partnered with Best Buy to make affordable devices available to our families. If a family chooses to participate in the Dual Funded program, they will receive a discount on devices purchased through the Watertown-Mayer /Best Buy (WM/BB) web store.

        • A student is eligible to receive a discount once every 4 years.
        • Only devices purchased through the WM/BB web store will be eligible for the discount.
        • District funding will be as follows:
          • Grades 5-12: $100
        • Prices on the WM/BBB web store will either be equal to the price through a Best Buy store, or at a price negotiated with Best Buy.
        • Insurance, cases, and other accessories will be available through the web store. 

        Web Store Information
        The WM/BB web store will open July 5, 2022. The WM/BB web store will close on October 7, 2022. If you do not order by then, you will need to wait until the next eligible purchasing window if you wish to receive the discount.
        You will be able to place your order online and receive support from the Best Buy Educational Team (888-218-9474).
        To receive your discount code, please send an email to

      Minimum Device Requirements

      • Watertown-Mayer Device Requirements (Grades 5 - 12)

        Device Type

        Students are required to have a device with a minimum 9” screen and support the Chrome browser.  An iPod touch, eReader, netbook, or smartphone cannot be a student’s primary device.  A tablet is acceptable, but a device with a full-sized keyboard is recommended.


        There are 2 columns listed below, Recommended and Required Minimum.  We recognize that some students will bring previously purchased devices from home.  We ask that those devices meet the Required Minimum.  If purchasing a new device, it is suggested that the device meet the specifications in the Highly Recommended column so that the device will work well in following years.



        Highly Recommended

        Required Minimum

        RAM (memory)

        4 GB

        2 GB

        Hard Drive

        250 GB (Win & Mac)

        16 GB (Chromebook)

        100 GB (Win & Mac)

        16 GB (Chromebook)


        10” or larger








        Operating System

        Windows 11(PC)

        macOS 12 (Mac)

        Chrome OS (Chromebook)

        Windows 10(PC)

        OSX 10.15 (Mac)

        Chrome OS (Chromebook)


        Full-Size physical keyboard

        Build-In Keyboard


        Chrome Browser 

        Anti-Virus Software (Win & Mac)

        Chrome Browser

        Anti-Virus Software (Win & Mac)

        Battery Life

        8+ hours

        6 hours


      Device Security

      • Media & Internet Safety

        file folder with lock While at school and on the school’s network, all internet traffic will be filtered as it has been in the past. When a device is not on the school network, it is the responsibility of the student and family to safeguard the student against internet threats. Tools are available for internet content filtering at home.

        Network LevelPut an internet filter on your home network. There are many options available.

        • OpenDNS Home
          • A free tool that can be used to filter content at the network level in your home.
          • It takes some technical know-how.
        • Bark
          • A paid option
          • Easy to setup and use at home.

        Device LevelChromebooks

        • Control who can use your Chromebook by making a parent the owner.

        Windows & Mac Devices

        • Install virus protection software to protect device from malware. You can install Sophos to your device by clicking on teh following link.
          • Note: Chromebooks have virus prot
      Last Modified on June 29, 2022