Parent Resources

      Professional Development Plan

      • To best support our staff with their personalized needs, we have developed three components within our professional development model.

        Staff Development
        Ongoing training on district message
        Teacher Leadership supporting buildings with district message
        Building Staff Development

        Monthly Staff Development
        Building PLCs
        Individual Staff Development

        Professional Growth Plans
        Peer Coaching
        Teacher Mentors
        Personalized Professional Development

      Literacy Plan

      • As written in MN Statute 120B.12, a school district must adopt a local literacy plan to have every child reading at or above grade level no later than the end of grade 3. A local literacy “plan must include a process to assess students' level of reading proficiency, notify and involve parents, intervene with students who are not reading at or above grade level, and identify and meet staff development needs. The district must post its literacy plan on the official school district Web site.”

        Reading well by third grade is one of many developmental milestones in a child’s educational experience. Literacy development starts at an early age and is the basis for all academic success. Reading well by grade three ensures that a student has a solid foundation of literacy skills to continue to expand their understandings of what they read, make meaning, and transfer that learning across all subject areas. Instruction that provides the basis for all students to read well by third grade and beyond will help close the achievement gap and ensure that all students are ready for the demands of college and the workplace.

        Watertown-Mayer Local Literacy PlanEarly Literacy Resource Site

      Last Modified on October 4, 2022