Baseball program fundamentals:
    - We will work to run a program that is sustainable over the long term.
    - We will run a program that all stakeholders take significant pride in.
    - We will run a program that is education based with an outstanding culture, and an
    outstanding baseball learning environment.
    - We will strive to provide an environment in which our players can fulfill their potential.
    - We will run a program that competes at a high level.
    - We will run a program that works closely and in partnership with parents, youth baseball
    and the community.
    We have 3 Goals for the each season for every individual:
         1)  Become a better competitor and baseball player;
         2)  Become a better teammate; and
         3)  Become a better person.
     As a program we will remember that our #1 priority and focus is to fulfill our purpose - help
    develop better people through competing in the game of baseball.  We want to help build
    championship kids through striving to win games and championships. We want to give them
    learning experiences they can use for the rest of their lives.  As a program we are developing a
    person first and an athlete second.  We are not defined by championships or wins and losses.
    We are defined by our culture and our purpose. Winning is clearly a goal, but it is not our
    As a program we will coach within the framework of the overall high school experience and
    priorities. As a coaching staff we support and encourage multi-sport athletes. The benefits of
    multiple sports include: learning to compete, transferable skills, learning different roles on a
    team, experiencing different teammates and coaches, showing versatility for college recruiters,
    and enhancing the high school experience.
    As a program we will work with and support the Watertown Mayer youth baseball organization
    and the Watertown Legion baseball program. We encourage parents to be involved as they are
    able and willing to help provide a positive and enriching experience for the players. Providing a
    quality high school baseball program requires a strong partnership between youth baseball,
    parents and the Watertown Mayer School District.

    WM Baseball Mission Statement
    “Developing young men to play fundamental baseball with sportsmanship, integrity, and respect for the game”

    baseball team at state 2013
    4th Place in 2013 Class AA

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