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  • There are many ways to support our work. You can choose to donate to scholarships or grants by clicking on the donate button. Once there, you can choose the option that best suits you. For more details, see below.

Recurring Donations

  • By setting up a recurruing donation, you will help the Foundation fulfill their mission to enhance the district's ability to spark creativity, passion, and learning for all students. Click on the Donate button and fill out the information as directed.

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Employee Contributions

  • Current Watertown-Mayer employees can contribue to the Foundation through payroll deductions. Download and complete the form and return via inter-school mail to WMEF in the District Office; or mail it to: Watertown-Mayer Education Foundation, 1001 Hwy. 25 NW, Watertown, MN 55388


    Employee Contribution Form



    If you are not an employee of ISD #111, please ask your employer about creating a payroll deduction that benefits WMEF. If you need more information, please contact WMEF at wmeducationfoundation@wm.k12.mn.us

  • Watertown-Mayer Education Foundation Inc., is a not-for-profict 501(c)3 organization, qualified to accept tax-deductible contributions and donations.

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Last Modified on October 13, 2021