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Profile of a Graduate

Image of colorful circles to capture the elements of a Profile of a Graduate

Creative and Critical Thinker

  • Demonstrates originality and inventiveness in problem-solving.
  • Questions and analyzes evidence to reach conclusions.
  • Adapts thinking and actions to overcome challenges.
  • Uses digital technologies appropriately to access, evaluate, and create information.

Skilled Communicator

  • Communicates clearly in oral, written, and non-verbal communication while considering the purpose and audience. 
  • Listens intently to seek understanding while respecting diverse perspectives and cultures.  

Effective Collaborator

  • Works with others to achieve a common goal by completing assigned tasks, offering ideas, and compromising when needed.
  • Leads formally and informally while collaborating. 
  • Invites others' ideas and values the individual contributions of each group member.

Healthy Individual

  • Identifies personal strengths and weaknesses and strives for growth.
  • Strives for a healthy lifestyle that fosters physical, social, and emotional well-being in order to maintain a positive work-life balance. 

Engaged Community Member

  • Participates and takes an active role in the community by volunteering and assisting others.
  • Contributes positively to the community environment.
  • Displays empathy and support for others. 

Self-Motivated Learner  

  • Demonstrates a responsible work ethic by actively engaging with tasks, managing time, and meeting deadlines.
  • Works to personal potential by utilizing resources, seeking help, and asking for clarification.
  • Recognizes setbacks and challenges as a learning opportunity.