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  • Founded by community members in 2017, the WM Education Foundation's (WMEF) mission is to provide funds for academic scholarships and innovative grants that help enhance the district's ability to spark creativity, passion, and learning for all students.


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    The Watertown Mayer Education Foundation was founded in 2017 by a passionate group of community volunteers led by Dr. Nathan Johnson and former Superintendent Ron Wilke. We are committed to providing funds for academic scholarships and innovative teacher grants through private donations.

    Every tax-deductible gift supports educational opportunities for students. There are many ways to help. 
    Gifts may be made in memory of a loved on or in honor of a special person or event.

     Robotics competition and 3 students building blocks

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  • Watertown-Mayer Education Foundation Inc., is a not-for-profict 501(c)3 organization, qualified to accept tax-deductible contributions and donations.

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