Watertown-Mayer School Board

  • The care, management and control of the school district is vested by statutory and constitutional authority in the school board. The school board is expected to carry out the mission of the school district with diligence, prudence, and dedication to the ideals of providing the finest public education.

    The Watertown-Mayer School Board consists of seven members elected at-large from the school district. Members are elected for four-year terms with vacancies filled either through special elections or a selection process determined by the school board.

    Regular meetings of the school board are generally held on the fourth Monday of each month at 6:00 pm at the City Hall in Watertown. Notices regarding meetings and related information are maintained at the district office, which is located at the Watertown-Mayer Middle School in Watertown.

Board Members

      Hunter Feldt, Board Chair

      Jim Burns, Vice Chair

      • Jim Burns - Clerk

        Facilities Committee
        Personnel Committee
        Technology Committee

        Member Since January 2021

      Katy Jo Danielson, Clerk

      Erika Schulz, Treasurer

      Heidi Guetzkow, Director

      • Heidi Guetzkow - Director

        Personnel Committee
        Education Foundation Board

        Teaching and Learning
        Marketing & Communications

        Member Since January 2019

      Lisa Neaton, Director

      Jeff Onell, Director

      • jeff.onell@wm.k12.mn.us

        Finance Committee 
        Facilities Committee
        Technology Committee

        Member Since January 2023