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  • apple and grapes The Watertown-Mayer Food Service provides over 1500 lunches daily to students in grades K-12. About 17 employees work in two kitchens-- one at the elementary school and one shared between the middle school and high school.

    Breakfast is also offered at Watertown-Mayer Schools.  Cost of breakfast is $1.70 for students in grades K-12; Kindergarten students get a Free breakfast; and $2.10 for adults in all buildings.  If a student qualifies for a free or reduced lunch; breakfast and lunch are served at no charge to them.
    All elementary and middle school students are encouraged to eat a school lunch or bring a bag lunch unless they have a note from home excusing them from eating lunch on a particular day.

    Student lunch prices for the 2020-2021 school year are as follows:

    $2.90 for elementary lunches
    $3.15 for middle school lunches
    $3.15 for high school lunches
    $4.25 for adult lunches
    $0.60 for extra milk

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Last Modified on June 25, 2020