College Admission Recommendations

  • ENGLISH: 4 years (8 terms) - composition, literature, speech

    MATH: 3 years (6 terms) - 2 years (4 terms) of algebra, including intermediate or advanced algebra, and 1 year (2 terms) of geometry
    (University of MN is wanting at least 4 years of Math)

    SCIENCE: 3 years (6 terms) 1 year (2 terms) each of a biological science and a physical science and all 3 courses with lab experience.

    SOCIAL SCIENCES: 3 Years (6 terms) - 1 year (2 terms) U.S. History, along with other courses in the social sciences.

    The Arts: 1 year (2 terms)

    World Language: 2 years ( 4 terms) of a single world language.


  • Scholarships are very important in assisting your student in furthering their education.

    The Watertown-Mayer High School Local Scholarships will be available in April. 

    Other Individual Scholarships that require their own application are also available. We will continue to receive scholarship opportunities throughout the remainder of the school year. These Scholarship opportunities can be found on this site as well as in the Counseling Office here at Watertown-Mayer High School. They will be updated regularly as they arrive in the mail. We strongly recommend that all students look through the scholarships once a week or more.

    Links to websites that offer scholarship information are here for you to utilize.

    All students have the opportunity to receive a scholarship to assist you and your student in paying for their education after high school. What a great way to receive free money! We encourage all students to take the time to apply. 

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