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MSHSL & Royal Minimum Behavior Expectations

Minimal Behavior Expectations for Regular and Postseason Tournament Competitions

  • Respect the American flag and the National Anthem.
  • Work with your site supervision to make it a fun night for all.
  • Behavior of opposing fans is not an excuse for how we conduct ourselves. 
  • Spectators must wear clothing that covers the entire torso. Those who do not comply or who wear clothing that is vulgar, obscene or that in some other way inappropriate, as determined by school/tournament personnel, will be removed from the arena/stadium if they do not cooperate with this behavior expectation.
  • The use of appropriate language is expected at all times. Profanity, negative chants, booing, trash talk, name calling, personal attacks or other acts of disrespect are unacceptable.  Refrain from ethnic, racial, religious, ability or gender-based comments,posts or messages directed at participants, directors, coaches, officials, spectators, or team representatives. 
  • Act as a responsible and respectful digital citizen who positively uses social media platforms.
  • Cheer for the ROYALS not against our opponents.
  • Respect the game/contest. Under no condition shall anyone other than the members of the official squad enter the playing surface. No one may interfere with the contest in any way.
  • Hand held signs, white boards, flags or banners, which do not obstruct the view of others, will be permitted provided they are in good taste and/or have prior approval from administration. Items contest officials deem to be inconsistent with the public setting will be removed.   
  • Artificial noisemakers (i.e. megaphones, cowbells, sirens, whistles, thunder sticks, and other similar items) are not allowed.
  • Laser lights are strictly prohibited.
  • Do not stand on the bleachers where it is intended to sit.  
  • Please do not sit on the bottom row. (indoors)
  • Please stay off the playing surface with street shoes.
  • Respect & follow the instruction of site supervision.
  • These expectations are for ROYALS both at home and on the road. 

Go Royals!

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